About Us


If you are a foodie in Moe or Sale and you have not tasted our dishes at Khatti’s Curry Lounge, then you are missing what good food is all about.

We are not merely a place where you can come and eat the food that you order. We believe that happiness in life is about getting to taste and eat Indian curries to your satisfaction. And therefore, we strive to bring joy to others with our authentic Indian dishes that are a unique culinary delight for everyone.

Our preparations exude the aroma and the flavor of the cozy Indian kitchen. We prepare each and every dish fresh to order from wholesome natural ingredients.
At Khatti’s Curry Lounge, we are a team of passionate and committed connoisseurs of Indian taste. We deliver flavourful and mouthwatering Indian food with high-quality standards and satisfactory quantity at reasonable prices with great love, warmth, and affection.

Rightly so, we are rated as the top Indian curry restaurant in Moe and Sale.

Come in, enjoy our great ambiance and great food with your family and friends!

What makes us different


At Khatti’s Curry Lounge, we create good memories by serving authentic Indian cuisine using a recipe that has been passed down over generations. Our restaurant provides an authentic dining experience that is unique to the area.


A shared commitment to excellence, we dedicate ourselves to uncompromising quality, service, people while taking exceptional care of our guests and staff.


Dedicate ourselves to surpass our own accomplishments and be recognized as a leader in our industry.